About the Exhibition

The Overseas Property Exhibition will be held on October, 3-4 2015
Venue: SCC, “Park Pobedy” subway station.
Working hours: 11 am – 7 pm
Admission and expert consultations are free.

The Overseas Property Exhibition includes a wide spectrum of events which would allow the visitors to acquire the maximum amount of valuable information in the most convenient format: seminars, consultation centers, as well as the expositional part (the Exhibition itself).


Prior to familiarizing with any certain offers of companies working with overseas property, makes sense to visit the topical seminars. Those who have not yet decided which country to buy a house or apartment in, will be interested in “comparative” seminars where experts will address the state of global markets (including the most popular among Russians), and offer the forecasts regarding the price situation. Those who would like to invest small amounts (20-100 thousand euro) in the purchase of overseas property will be interested in seminars on affordable housing markets. A series of seminars will be focused on specific countries and areas, including: Cyprus, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, Finland, Turkey, Egypt, the United States and other markets popular among Russians, destinations unfamiliar to local buyers will also be discussed. Attendants of the seminars will learn about the price situation on different markets, purchasing procedures, costs of maintaining the property, and which property markets is it profitable to invest in despite the global crisis.

Consultation Center

Consultation Centerwill be operating on the INFOREAL Exhibition. There customers will be able to ask specialists their questions and receive a detailed consultation.

The Center is for potential overseas property buyers (Consultant – “Prian.ru - International Property”). The portal’s staff, as well as independent specialists will help the visitors choose a property in any given country, warn about any possible risks, additional expenses, consult on housing and commercial property prices, give recommendations on investment.


After refreshing and systemizing the knowledge of foreign real estate markets, you may start choosing a particular property or service. In order to do so, visit the actual Exhibition, where more than 100 companies from around the world will be represented. Citizens will be able to inquire the staff of these companies on conditions and prices that they offer, choose a property from the base of proposals and even submit an application. Visitors will receive a unique opportunity to compare offers of different companies simultaneously and in one place. Gathering such information on your own may take days and week.