The Congress participants shared their views about the event.

September 29, 30 the congress was held as part off the INFOREAL International Forum.

The Congress participants shared their views about the event.

Tatyana Rodionova,
president of FIABCI – Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

INFOREAL is the only annual specialized event for professionals in Russia, dedicated to overseas property market. Property professionals from Russia and abroad can meet and exchange experience and professionally important information about property markets. In my view, combination of the Congress and Exhibition is a really good idea for the event. The audience of the event for "professionals" widens due to participation of foreign specialists. And it helps to create the most conducive environment for idea exchange and the communication, which are very important in terms of future business expansion.

Marina Vasilyeva,
director of Overseas property Department of «Adveks.Nedvizhimost» Corporation (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

The Congress has once again gathered property market professionals, so that they can discuss the most important matters. Many participants spoke about the enduring interest both to local and overseas property. I’m glad that representatives from regions and our international partners, who talk enthusiastically about overseas property market development, participate in the Congress. Especially realtors from Baltic countries, where property market is very active due to interest from Russian investors.

The exhibition was a success. Such countries as Bulgaria, Germany and Finland had a particular strong demand. Its important that exhibitions concept allows combining the local property sale with overseas property purchase the buyer can move from one part to another. Besides, a big plus of such concept is that visitors can participate in seminars, ask a specialist in Consultation centers.

Edgar Shins,
president of LANIDA (Riga, Latvia)

I thank the hosts of the INFOREAL congress for professional preparation and holding of the event, which allowed its participants to meet with leaders of the Russian property market and establish contacts with new foreign partners. As Im a representative of the Baltic market, it was important for me to get out a message to the Russian and foreign potential investors about the current opportunities for profitable investments in the Baltic market.

German Moyzhes,
managing partner of the Avers Group of Companies (Cologne, Germany)

I want to highlight the most important factor for holding the INFOREAL forum. In my opinion, the interest of Russians in investing abroad continuously evolves and grows. Therefore, special attention should be given to speakers ‘professionalism, knowledge and experience it is necessary to fit a high level of confidence of the business-community and customers to the owners of the event, and against the great organization. I would wish a yearly increase of participants level on the forum.

Timur Bateev,
the first deputy CEO at Mirum Group of companies (Crete, Greece)

SC MIRUM has participated in the INFOREAL Congress for the first time. We would like to thank the hosts of the Congress and the Forum for creation of a professional environment, where we can communicate with colleagues, share construction experience and latest news.

The hosts managed to gather worthy participants on the INFOREAL and to raise important questions. There were many interesting reports.

Kirill Dolginskiy,
managing director of Lowell Finance (Moscow, Russia)

I want to thank the hosts personally for the opportunity to speak at the INFOREAL congress, where many experts of overseas property have got together. They exchanged experience and ideas, established new contacts. I think such events should be conducted in order to make it possible for leading experts to share their experiences and successful ideas, to discuss trends, difficulties and development of the sphere. Good luck to all participants and host of the congress.

Ksenia Myasnikova,
property agent in Spain, SpainWay (Spain)

On behalf of SpainWay (property in Spain) I thank the hosts of the INFOREAL Congress 2011 for the opportunity to communicate and share experience with leading experts in the overseas property sphere.

Participation in the congress provides an excellent opportunity to receive up-to-date information about the state of property markets around the world. And it also helps to communicate with the iconic persons of property market directly. We were pleased with an accurate organization of the congress. We must acknowledge the excellent work of INFOREAL 2011 hosts.

Ekaterina Levkina,
development director of SpainWay Company (Spain)

First and foremost, I want to thank the events hosts: it went off on a level with the highest standards. Our company got an excellent opportunity to make ourselves known among our colleagues on the property market, to acquire a good experience in communicating and sharing skills. We managed to meet interesting people from different regions of Russia and abroad. It gave an idea of the European standards of business. Personal wish to everyone: to grow and develop in the chosen direction, and to meet each other more often at the INFOREAL Congress.

Alis Möll,
financial director of Pindi Kinnisvara / ERI Kinnisvara (Estonia)

It was really useful to know the opinions of property market participants about the interest of Russians to the overseas property in different countries and about peculiarities of the represented countries. I really appreciate information from practicing experts. I hope to see you soon.

Ekaterina Prozorovskaya,
director of Baltic Estate Company (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

The INFOREAL exhibition has pleased not only specialists of property market, but also visitors. It is a magnificent area for establishment of fruitful contacts with new partners. I believe that such event concept is very interesting and promising. The exhibition was the perfect opportunity not only to recite our product, to attract customers, but also to observe market's behavior and dynamics online.

Ditmar Bunk,
investment projects specialist of Domgermania (Berlin, Germany)

I would like to thank the hosts of the Congress for opportunity to make a report “Current trends of Berlin property market." I would like to mention a good organization of the INFOREAL Overseas Property Congress, kindness, opportunity to communicate with colleagues from different countries. This beautiful city on Neva River has impressed me much.

Larisa Nikitina,
the head of country property sales department of MIRUM Company (Russia Greece, Crete)

INFOREAL Congress has convinced me of the need for such meetings once again. Despite the fact that we are rivals, but we are also colleagues, for everyone can find a deserving niche on the vast property market, but the exchange of experience and practical advices are priceless.

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